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staff training spreadsheet template is a staff training spreadsheet sample that gives infomration on staff training spreadsheet design and format. when designing staff training spreadsheet example, it is important to consider staff training spreadsheet template style, design, color and theme. i’ve been using excel to track the training of my company’s employees for some time now, but we’ve been ramping up hiring and buying new equipment that requires specialized trainings, so i’m looking to inject more automation into this process. that said, i have a few really simple objectives that i have not been able to accomplish in the couple of days i’ve been working on it. i want to make sure that, when a new training is developed either for all employees or for a specific piece of equipment, employees are removed from the approved list until they complete the training. i have been trying to brute-force things with pivot tables, but for the life of me i cannot seem to develop a system that can easily produce the data i’m looking for. that way, when an employee is assigned to a new responsibility, their training assignments will automatically reflect additional training requirements. that said, excel is very powerful, and with power query and other tools available, might well be able to handle the tasks you’ve laid out.

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all of that having been said, is it at all possible for you to grant us access to the actual spreadsheet (with real names and any other identifiable or confidential information removed)? post it on onedrive or googledrive or some comparable cloud service and grant access here. i hope, for your sake, that it’s the most current version. other newer features include filter, which could be of great help in what you’re trying to do. armed with this tool you might be able to resolve many of your needs. so i have experience in working with the raw materials you’re dealing with…… i had never paid any attention to access, but you are right in suggesting that it may be a better fit for the information i’m trying to extract.

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