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training tracker download format

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love it when a dashboard is designed with lots of interactivity but no macros. i have to manage sick time only for a large company (9k employees) and would like to know what is the recommended dashboard or software to purchase to manage this process. i expect that this would be relatively straight-forward, given that you have a record of names, dates and training that has been attended. i am the one who never miss any article added by you or your team. thanks you so much for giving us all these valuable info regarding the following formula, it really confused me to sum up all the reciprocal of each number resulting from formula “countifs” then come out the number of department. now that i’ve figured out the logic you don’t need to answer my previous inquiry. just 1 question, when you schedule a training for example for february 2018, this training is automatically showing up in february 2019. how can we deactivate this option so that we shcedule the training just once? i am most interested in the training calendar and how i can tailor it to my organization.