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personal trainer client forms template is a personal trainer client forms sample that gives infomration on personal trainer client forms design and format. when designing personal trainer client forms example, it is important to consider personal trainer client forms template style, design, color and theme. a personal training consultation questionnaire is used by gym owners to gather contact information and fitness goals from potential personal training clients. a personal trainer liability waiver is usually used by personal trainers to protect themselves against potential lawsuits from clients. build your form from this template and have your personal training informed consent form instantly! get this form by copying this template to your jotform account. fill out your own form and see how easy it is to track client information.

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copy this template to your jotform account and modify it or use it as is. a personal training client intake form is a form used by personal trainers and fitness instructors to gather information about clients to help create a training program. go paperless and start collecting client intake information, liability waivers, and informed consent for your fitness training business with these customizable personal trainer forms. simply choose a starter template below and make it your own with our no-code form builder. streamline your intake process and help your clients achieve their fitness goals with personal trainer forms that can be filled out on any device.

the first form you should have as a personal trainer is a welcome letter. this is a simple letter that introduces you and your business to a new client. the second form personal trainers need is a liability waiver. this is a document that releases you from any legal responsibility in the event that a client is injured while working with you. this is a document that helps you to understand a client’s dietary needs and restrictions. a lifestyle questionnaire helps you understand your clients’ daily activities, stress levels, and habits so you, as their trainer, can understand all the influences on their health. this is a document that outlines the client’s specific goals for working with you, as their personal trainer.

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personal trainers also need a health history form from their clients. if a client checks “yes” to anything in the par-q, you will likely need medical clearance before you can start working with them. this is a document that is signed by a doctor, stating that the client is cleared to exercise. this is a document that outlines the terms of payment for personal training services. as a personal trainer, it’s helpful to have a form you use to assess your clients and maintain records of the data you receive. personal trainers need a variety of forms to run their businesses, including welcome letters, liability waivers, nutrition questionnaires, fitness goals forms, par-q, medical clearance forms, payment agreements, and assessment forms. as a personal trainer, you must ensure you have all the forms you need to run your business smoothly. eddie lester is a personal trainer from los angeles and the founder and ceo of fitness mentors.

some forms help you gather information about your clients’ athletic and medical history, so you have all the context you need to support their fitness journey. at trainerize, our whole focus is helping personal trainers onboard and keep training clients, and we’ve pulled together a complete guide to personal trainer consultation forms. personal trainer intake forms guarantee you’ve got the context you need to support every client in achieving their fitness goals. the physical activity readiness questionnaire for everyone (par-q+) form is a standardized intake form that helps you assess your clients’ health, and determine whether they’re good to start training.

client agreement and goal-setting forms help you gain a better understanding of your clients’ specific fitness goals, and set expectations about the services you’ll deliver. it’s win-win for everyone, and a great way to add more clients to your training roster. health is holistic, and understanding who your clients are outside the gym fitness will help you provide better training from the jump. this way, they’ll get space to think and outline their goals while you do the hard parts for them. with only a fraction of the effort, you’ll be able to keep your clients happy and scale your personal training business.