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training intake form template is a training intake form sample that gives infomration on training intake form design and format. when designing training intake form example, it is important to consider training intake form template style, design, color and theme. this is a form i developed years ago when i first joined the l&d industry as a training coordinator, brand new to instructional design. it is such a simple one-pager but it contains everything i need to know at this point of the project. this template allows you to take a step back and ask questions as an instructional designer, and to set the tone for the training approach and partnership. this section helps you gather information about the target audience, and the size and location(s) of the group to determine training modality. this is the most important part of the entire form. what are you trying to get the learner to do?

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it is such a helpful way to look at it to keep the course concise and relevant. it’s helpful to know the background and context of the ask. in this section, i also dive into performance analysis, asking questions to see if it is actually a training problem or is it to do with the system, processes, or even incentives. this is a human way to ask what the business impact is to help you prioritize resources, include in the course to highlight importance, and strategize the actual rollout. one thing to keep in mind is that you don’t necessarily have to go with everything the stakeholder says, but the questions are here to help you investigate and find out what they’ve envisioned. if you have feedback on the form and ideas on what else to include, let me know! i appreciate how the questions are phrased and how thoroughly it captures the information needed to develop training and ensure it meets requestors expectations.

with employees seeming to drive the training function, leaders must find a way to set priorities and develop a process to decide which course gets built and which does not. the system is essentially a process for receiving and evaluating training requests from all employees across the organization. think about the training intake experience from the perspective of both the employee and the learning leader. however, the more complete the information you receive upfront, the better informed learning leaders will be, so as to decide which courses get built and which do not. the best place may be through a link on your company intranet or through a training intake platform.

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a significant amount of time can be saved by carefully framing questions on your training request form that will help you to quickly reject requests or direct employees to existing resources. adopting a standardized approach to training request management begins with creating a request form that can be used by employees and managers across the organization. capturing the right information on your request form allows you to: beyond the requester’s details, the two most important parts of the form include details related to the training itself and the potential business impact. here are some examples of questions that could be added to the form: asking the requester for business impact may be a bit trickier. you may want to do some testing of the system, then make adjustments as needed. if the training intake process is completely digitized—along with your course design system and authoring tools—you can measure the roi of your courses from intake to final assessment.

simply customize the form to match your personal training services, customize the questions to match your style, and embed the form in your website. in a matter of seconds, clients can fill out their intake form online — and your clients will be more likely to stay motivated if they’re able to fill out forms online, instead of with pen and paper. there’s no easier way to get started with your own personal training business. no matter which industry you belong to, keep your customers and your business safe during the coronavirus pandemic with a free online covid-19 liability waiver that helps you collect e-signatures fast .

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