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learning certificate template is a learning certificate sample that gives infomration on learning certificate design and format. when designing learning certificate example, it is important to consider learning certificate template style, design, color and theme. candidates will be able to serve as effective online educators by advancing knowledge and skills in electronic learning, both conceptual and practical; and meet changing job requirements in response to current trends in e-learning. with its primary purpose of validating designated programs in the information and communications technology field, this endorsement has made the e-learning certificate program one of the first certificate programs to receive aect’s seal of approval in the country. e-learning graduates will be prepared to work as instructional designers/developers in higher education, or industries with an e-learning workforce. this course uses an instructional systems design model to guide the student in systematically developing effective instruction. lec. 3, cr. this course concentrates on the development and utilization of hypermedia and multimedia in education. 3, cr.

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3. edtc 6358 – theory and practice of e-learning. students are expected to apply previously learned skills and knowledge to plan and manage an e-learning project in a real-life context. lec 3, cr 3. edtc 6325 – educational communications. this course addresses the development of instruction for e-learning environments. lec. 3, cr. this course examines the cognitive domains of learning and the corresponding research in web-based multimedia. 3, cr.