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scissor lift certification card template is a scissor lift certification card sample that gives infomration on scissor lift certification card design and format. when designing scissor lift certification card example, it is important to consider scissor lift certification card template style, design, color and theme. aerial and scissor lifts play an important role in construction and many other industries. this course will teach you how to maximize worksite safety while working on or around aerial and scissor lifts. this awareness-level certificate course complies with training requirements for aerial lifts and related scaffolding equipment found in osha standard 1926.454. it does not provide an osha-accepted certification or certification card. aerial lifts and scissor lifts are used in all kinds of jobs. if you work on or around any of the scaffold structures described in 1926.452(w) or 1926.453, this course is for you. the aerial and scissor lifts course includes five end-of-module quizzes and one comprehensive final exam. you have an unlimited number of attempts to pass each quiz and the exam. you have 180 minutes to earn a score of at least 70%. aerial and scissor lifts training includes one hour of fully narrated safety instruction for all kinds of powered scaffolding equipment. you will learn how to safely work with and around these lifting devices. osha classifies aerial lifts as any vehicle-mounted device used to elevate personnel.

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equipment ranging from telehandlers to cherry pickers fall into this class of workplace lift. osha considers scissor lifts to be a form of mobile scaffolding. this aerial and scissor lifts course explores all relevant standards and complies with osha training requirements for these devices. however, you should periodically repeat this training course to refresh your safety knowledge. your employer may also require you to repeat aerial and scissor lifts training under certain circumstances. this training course complies with all osha training standards found in standard 29 cfr 1926.454 related to aerial lifts and scissor lifts. during the course, you must successfully complete five quizzes and pass a 20-question final exam. you have up to 180 minutes to complete the exam. you can complete all course material from any internet-connected device. osha education center courses offer 24/7 access to lessons, quizzes, activities and exams. complete your training when and where you want.

“very easy to follow and straight to the point, short and extremely effective. training from liftoff certification simplifies the complex aerial and scissor lift regulations. our osha, ansi & csa compliant mewp operator safety and training certification course includes: after you pass your mewp operator safety and training final quiz, your new certification will be immediately available for download. when you sign up for the certification or recertification, you will automatically be enrolled in both the english and spanish versions of the course. when you do land that new job, they will evaluate you operating an aerial or scissor lift and then sign the back of your certification. if your certification has expired or is about to pass the expiration date, you will be required to complete a renewal course.

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click here to sign up for the mewp certification course, and click here for the recertification. the certification you print after you complete the course will include everything that osha requires, including your name, issue date, expiration date, and a spot for your evaluator to sign. our money back guarantee removes the stress of purchasing a liftoff certification course. our team is ready to answer any questions you may have about the course. the recertification is a refresher of the certification course and is only meant for those previously certified as an mewp operator. to pass the final exam, you must answer all five questions correctly.

this certification process will empower your employees with the knowledge to avoid fall hazards, navigate the risks of working from a height, and operate a scissor lift safely and efficiently. if you want all your certifications completed onsite, buy our train-the-trainer course for $149. learn more about scissor lifts, the certification process, and our kit below! osha scissor lift certification can prevent accidents and foster a culture of safety in any organization. with scissor lift certification, employers may be more willing to invest in you because it shows your commitment to the job and industry.

ultimately, becoming scissor lift certified helps employers trust that you are an expert who is educated on how to best function and operate scissor lifts safely. train the trainer course or bundle package that includes the trainer course and training kit to educate your own experienced operators to lead the training for new employees. if you’re still confused about how to get your scissor lift certification, these frequently asked questions and answers may clear things up: yes. scissor lift certification is a great way to stay in compliance with osha while minimizing the risks of workplace accidents. scissor lift training will empower your team to be safe on the job, but that’s not the only thing you need to do to ensure your workplace is as safe as possible. our kit is a great option because it allows you to complete all your certification training online and onsite.