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doula certificate template is a doula certificate sample that gives infomration on doula certificate design and format. when designing doula certificate example, it is important to consider doula certificate template style, design, color and theme. you have the potential to touch so many lives! your journey starts by choosing a dona approved birth doula training workshop. in your birth doula training you can expect to learn not only the how to doula, but also the why we doula. after completing your workshop and all certification requirements, you will receive a digital certificate. the birth doula certification curriculum is designed to cultivate well-rounded doulas who are prepared to provide excellent doula support!

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the dona international resource/document library is filled useful items to help you along the way. visit resource library a community-centered doula (ccd) provides emotional, physical, informational, and relational support during pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period up to one year after birth in communities that are impacted by social systems that create adverse maternal health outcomes. the ccd-client relationship extends well beyond that of a birth or postpartum doula, typically beginning in early pregnancy and continuing until at least one year after birth. ccds are also trained to interact and communicate with other human services, social services, and perinatal health professionals that may comprise the family’s support system. the amount of support and mentorship i’ve been given is priceless. the organization is very well respected and reflects how i feel about being a doula.

they attend and support the physical, emotional, informational and social needs of women in labor. the icea certified birth doula is expected to further a wider understanding of icea’s mission and philosophy among health professionals and the public. at the completion of the three years, all icea certified birth doulas must apply for recertification. upon completion of the recertification requirements and payment of the recertification fee, the birth doula will be considered icea certified for another three years and will have access to icea benefits for the duration of their certification.

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icpds who encounter serious difficulties during their certification period and cannot complete the recertification requirements on time may apply for an extension of the application deadline or inactive status. to apply for an extension the extension request form must be filled out and returned by email/fax/mail to the icea certification coordinator, along with the extension fee. the request for inactive status must be received by the expiration of the current certification period. an inactive status fee will need to be paid when the individual decides to go inactive, and a recertification fee will need to be paid to become active again. if the individual has an active birth doula certification with an icea approved organization, and has been actively practicing for a minimum of two years, they may utilize the experience pathway paying all applicable fees.

your support as a birth doula will be invaluable to the families you work with as you help them prepare for their baby and navigate unexpected events. to become a certified birth doula with childbirth international, you’ll: once the requirements are met, you’ll be awarded a certificate showing you are a certified labor doula and can now use the designation (cld). to make sure you have the knowledge and skills to support your clients, you’ll have a comprehensive curriculum, a trainer who’ll act as your mentor, and a global network of peers who’ll join you on your journey. the student website can be accessed with any browser and an app is available if you prefer to read your course materials on your tablet or phone offline. as a birth and lactation professional, your confidence in using explicit language, body language, and your understanding of the cultural context of language all affect the messages you send and how you present information to your clients. in this unit, you’ll develop a strong understanding of the reflective process and how it can enhance your clients’ experiences while providing clear strategies for supporting clients in debriefing using reflective practice techniques. you’ll identify the topics you want to cover in your classes and learn how to choose the right activities for each topic.

in this unit, you’ll be developing techniques that help you to support a client during labor and birth. you’ll be able to understand the structure of research and develop the skills to communicate evidence, or lack of evidence, to clients in a balanced and non-threatening way. recognizing the stages of labor, responses to labor, and the different labor patterns can help you effectively communicate and support your clients. this is partly due to fluctuations in their hormone levels and the enormous lifestyle changes and responsibilities of having a new baby. in this unit, you’ll look at the initial steps to becoming a doula – what your role entails, recognizing the benefits of birth doula support, building relationships, and getting ready to work with your first client. you’ll explore the history of birth support, examine a range of doula business models, consider how to approach the initial contact you have with clients, and begin preparing for working with your first client. in this unit, you’ll look at the most important financial documents to produce, techniques for monitoring the financial health of your business, and different legal issues for you to consider.