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course catalog template is a course catalog sample that gives infomration on course catalog design and format. when designing course catalog example, it is important to consider course catalog template style, design, color and theme. the programs of study, known as majors or minors, include a narrative description and a summary of course requirements. an explanation of the components of each course entry follows. courses numbered 20000 are intermediate, advanced, or upper-level courses that are open only to undergraduates. courses numbered 30000 and above are graduate courses that are available only to undergraduate students who obtain the consent of the instructor. with the exception of busn courses, when a course is cross listed between the college (10000- to 20000-level courses) and graduate divisions or professional schools (courses numbered 30000 and above), college students may only register for the undergraduate number. in some departments, students with advanced standing and consent of instructor may register for higher-level courses. a number shown, for example, as 211xx, indicates that it is a course within the series 21100 through 21199; any information that describes 211xx applies to the entire range of courses available within the series.

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a student receives 100 units of course credit for most undergraduate courses. the appropriate unit value is listed next to the course title in the catalog and in the course details at class search. if a course is not offered in the current academic year but will be offered at a future time, that information appears in this field. because of the interdisciplinary nature of the college, many courses are cross listed in multiple programs of study. a course may have one or more prerequisites for registration. another example: some courses require students to be in their third or fourth year in the college. the notes field contains additional information that may be of use to students, for instance, that the course meets a general education requirement or that the course is required for students in a certain major. for further specifics on quarterly course offerings, consult the class search at