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training course catalog template is a training course catalog sample that gives infomration on training course catalog design and format. when designing training course catalog example, it is important to consider training course catalog template style, design, color and theme. upgrade to a different browser like google chrome or mozilla firefox to experience this site. whether you or your team need to solve an immediate problem, earn a certification, fast-track your skills on a new technology or need an in-depth skills transformation, our training curricula has over 3,200 global courses to meet your it and organizational needs. with a vast range of it courses available, skillsoft global knowledge helps put employees on the path to valuable certifications. to fill skill gaps, you need scalable resources and tools. from cutting-edge technologies like 5g and artificial intelligence to the strategies of agile and scrum methodologies, we ensure our learners are at the forefront of technological innovation. our it certification courses on cloud computing and cybersecurity address the pressing needs of businesses to securely transition and operate in the digital realm. training in managing remote teams equips professionals to navigate the challenges of dispersed work environments.

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for those focused on organizational strategy, our programs on enterprise architecture and it policy and governance provide a robust foundation. we partner with top brands in the it industry, enhancing the credibility and scope of our it training programs. many of these brands have their own certifications, and undergoing training aligned with their guidelines increases the likelihood of success. choosing the right it training courses online is pivotal to aligning your educational pursuits with your career aspirations. training costs can differ due to the course type, duration, content depth, and required materials. global knowledge strives to make education both accessible and affordable. we offer special pricing for some courses through the general services administration (gsa). additionally, certain courses may be eligible for financial aid.

the target audience for this course will be cors with extensive experience desiring a higher-level refresher approach and/or cors planning to achieve their fac-cor level 3 certification or re-certification. course material is continually updated and covers far changes finalized in the 12-month period preceding each class. this course provides an overview of simplified acquisition procedures utilizing federal acquisition regulation (far) parts 10, 12, and 13. today’s workplace is a vibrant tapestry of cultures, ideas, and viewpoints. navigating this rich diversity is both an opportunity and a challenge. this 8-day class explores the numerous skills and competencies required for successful contracting specialist careers, including the acquisition process and general contracting principles, navigating, and applying far regulations and guidance, and this 8-day class builds a foundation in essential contracting skills and competencies, such as general principles related to defining requirements, market research, acquisition planning, and solicitation development.

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this 7-day class builds on a foundation of essential skills and competencies for managing contracts and ensuring contractor performance meets contractual requirements. this course provides students with a full review of cor duties and responsibilities and is intended for students who have already obtained a cor certification. this 2-day course is designed to go beyond the qualitative side of data analysis. when you register for a class, you will be automatically placed on a waiting list. a message “no seats available” will appear. once the course is approved by your manager and final approver, you will successfully be registered if a seat is available.