workouts for basketball players at home

to help, we’re providing you more than 12 basketball workout plans that will take your skills to the next level. to become a great shooter, you need to practice consistently! they go to the gym and shoot 1000 shots – and then don’t work on their shot for another week or two. then a couple weeks later they look in the mirror and realize they are still overweight so they “diet” for another day. to shoot the ball consistently well you have to develop the proper mechanics and muscle memory and the best way to do that is to shoot almost every day! roughly 2 days a week of practice each week will allow you to see some improvements next season. regardless of how many days a week you practice, the above suggestions are assuming you’re taking a lot of high quality game-like reps… practicing hard and practicing smart.

you also need consistent shot mechanics to make improvements. mechanics need to be the same (consistent)! and you’re not learning a new skill. when working out, it’s important to understand how to perform skills fundamentally correct. if you are changing your technique during the workout or just because you missed a few shots, you are not getting better. here are a few ballhandling and footwork workouts that you can do anywhere (you just need a few feet of space). you can do the workouts at home, in your basement, in the garage, or at the gym too. here are a few skill workouts that show you exactly what to do each day for improvement.

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