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workout sheet template is a workout sheet sample that gives infomration on workout sheet design and format. when designing workout sheet example, it is important to consider workout sheet template style, design, color and theme. in this plan, your first month of training will be demanding, but not so demanding as to cause injury (or worse yet, burnout), and progressive in the sense that each week you’ll graduate to different exercises, higher volume, more intensity or all of the above. after four weeks you’ll not only be ready for the next challenge but you’ll have built a significant amount of quality muscle. you’ll begin the program with a full-body training split, meaning you’ll train all major bodyparts in each workout (as opposed to “splitting up” your training).

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in week 1 you’ll perform three sets of every exercise per workout, which over the course of the week adds up to nine sets total for each bodypart, a good starting volume for your purposes. in the third week of the program we step it up to a three-day training split: train all “pushing” bodyparts (chest, shoulders, triceps) on day 1; hit the “pulling” bodyparts (back, biceps) and abs on day 2; and work your lower body (quads, glutes, hamstrings, calves) on day 3. as in week 2, you train each bodypart twice a week, so you’ll hit the gym six days this week. the result is 16 total sets for the week for large bodyparts and 12 sets total for smaller ones—again, working in the 8–15-rep range—which is a substantial increase in volume from week 1. in the fourth and final week of the program, you’ll train four days in a four-way split that hits each bodypart just once (except for calves and abs, which are each trained twice). completion of this four-week program now entitles you to go to the next stage.

while random workouts can certainly help with your fitness levels, following a plan allows you to track your ability and work to progress towards your goals. having a plan can also help with motivation, meaning you’re more likely to stick to your workouts and make exercise a regular part of your lifestyle. having a workout plan can help you achieve these benefits and make the right moves to improve your overall health and wellbeing. a weekly workout planner can help to plan around any events and ensure you still get your workouts in, without overworking! we’ve designed our daily workout planners so you can track your workouts too, which makes it easier both to progressively overload and to track your progress, and one of the templates includes a section for notes and scoring so you can monitor how hard you found the workouts too.

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adding mobility and flexibility training into your plan will help to maintain and increase your range of motion. there’s also a wealth of free and paid-for workout planning apps, some of which can help guide your exercise plans, and others which give you the freedom to make your own. you can then use these goals to help determine the type of exercises and routines you should include in your plan. over time, your fitness will increase, and your goals may change, so you may want to adjust your workout plan accordingly. if you’re ready to improve your fitness and get started on your workout plans, you can find a puregym near you and become a member today. hiit (high intensity interval training) is a workout format that is particularly effective when you only have a short amount of time to train – in … learn more about weight training belts, including what they are and when you should wear them at the gym.