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also read: 25 of the best foods to build lean muscle do you want to do a little bit of both: gain some muscle and lose some fat? this is ideal for a beginner (introduction) because it isn’t complicated or too much of a shock to the system. most of the time this is genetic, but it could also be that your training has gone a little stale. this plan is specific to arms… as clearly stated in the title. oh, and you might want to learn how to prepare our delicious ab-friendly low-carb tacos if that’s the kind of thing you party with too. john gioffre has all of us covered with a plan that keeps things short in the gym and has options for at-home stuff too. maybe it’s a couple days, or even a couple weeks, especially when the weather is great. that’s important, yes, but this is a short-term plan, and the one workout is covering all of your bases.

this is a follow-up to the successful b4b franchise, but with another layer added in. bryan olson is a young up-comer in the world of fitness and health. challenge a friend: loser has to buy a tub of pre-workout for the winner. if you have a training partner, the both of you need to get on the same page with this one. goal: fat loss and muscular endurance ability level: intermediate to advanced (scaleable for beginners) featured: @mike_simone the original 10x10s are one of our most popular pre-summer and summer workouts, hands down. you’ll probably need to watch and listen to the trailer to get a better understanding. and if you’ve taken some time away from the gym, this is a good way to get back on the workout wagon. for some of our extended programs, check out the size, strength, and shred cycle (intermediates) […]

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