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the bells are only “hidden” 2 times a year for others to “find,” and attached to each bell is a note that reminds us to practice kindness intentionally. one year, as the art coordinator for my district, i planned an art teacher outing to ben’s bells to volunteer to help paint the parts that go on the bells. it’s no wonder (sorry – couldn’t help myself) that when i heard about the books wonder and we’re all wonders by r.j. palacio, i felt inspired to highlight a couple of new resources (including a freebie) that i think will help teachers infuse their “wonder” discussions with kindness, and art (of course!). this resource combines really creative task cards with super fun doodle notes. this “doodle and do” resource is designed for students to complete after reading wonder by r.j. palacio. “chat” cards require students to discuss critical moments in the book with a small group and then record highlights from the discussion on their doodle notes. the “swap” cards are fun because students actually “swap” papers with peers and complete the prompts on each other’s papers.

these require students to sketch and draw in response to prompts about the novel. this project is unique, and there is no beating the “wow” factor at the end when children walk from side to side and see the images change. you can also use this poster all on its own to reinforce the overall theme that “we are all wonders!” – a great universal classroom message! i’ve included options to allow students to draw the characters of the book, their own self-portraits (see the image below), one of the many “wonder” ful things about this wonder activity is that it looks complicated and has a ton of “wow!” factor to it, but it’s really easy. don’t forget to pair this with brain waves instruction’s “doodle and do” resource for a truly “wonder” ful pair of activities for your classroom! it is a great addition to our individual wonder resources i’ve described above and can be used all on its own! here are affiliate links to amazon, where you can grab your copies! i hope you find the resources on my page helpful for integrating art in your classrooms!

however…we also know that traditional novel studies don’t allow students to implement all of the literacy skills necessary to become a well-rounded reader. traditional novel studies usually include a set of comprehension or discussion questions that correlate with each chapter. these are important components of a novel study, but aren’t a holistic approach to reading. wonder is the perfect novel to study in your intermediate classroom! this book covers themes of kindness, courage, family, identity and so much more. as you read the novel, students will meet a young boy name august (auggie) pullman. although, not everyone sees it this way. from the very first page of wonder, you and your students will be facing topics that are incredibly important to discuss. each daily prompt has students think and respond about ideals that are woven through the text. this section of the workbook is one of my favorites to use as a class discussion guide, as it will encourage students to look at their stance or position on certain topics. the workbook has been designed to meet each level of bloom’s taxonomy.

below are *some* of the ideas to incorporate from each section of the wonder workbook! students can work through these independently, as partners or groups, or they can be used as a guide for discussion. use the extended plot structure activity to activate students’ literacy skills! apply: study the characters’ physical, mental and emotional characteristics. analyze: use the complexity wheel to drive discussion of the novel. evaluate: think like a novelist! create: start a kindness campaign with the extension activity! the activities and lessons that come with this novel study will provide students with an interactive, hands-on approach to reading. if you think your students are ready to really study a novel, give wonder a try! if you’d like to see more from my wonder workbook, click here! my name is brittany jeltema, also known as the superhero teacher, and i am a curriculum designer and classroom flipper.

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