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whs training plan template is a whs training plan sample that gives infomration on whs training plan design and format. when designing whs training plan example, it is important to consider whs training plan template style, design, color and theme. the specifications of knowledge and skill and the application of that knowledge and skill to the standards of performance required in the workplace, as specified in a training package or approved university policy and procedure or legislation. a workplace is the place where work is carried out for jcu and includes any place where a worker goes, or is likely to be, while at work. the whs unit monitors and reports training compliance results to management on a regular basis. this includes the jcu whs induction training and any site and task specific/local health and safety induction training.

whs training plan overview

as part of the local induction process, it is mandatory that all workers complete the work health and safety training as outlined in appendix 1. whs competencies can be identified by completing a training needs analysis (tna). the whs unit tna can be used to identify and assess whs training requirements. jcu must ensure that records of all work health and safety training provided to a worker are kept in accordance with the university records management framework and policy. renamed from hse-pr0-015 training and competency procedure to whs-pro-004 training and competency procedure

to implement the right training for your business, you need to identify your business and employee training needs. the training and development budget should be part of your business plan. consider speaking to a human resources (hr) professional to find out what assistance your business and employees may be eligible for or find out more about training assistance for queensland employers. they may, for example: consider the training and development options you have available to address the needs you’ve identified. communicate training and development options and activities to all employees so they are aware of what is available and happening in your business.

whs training plan format

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for example, if your employee needs to drive a truck or forklift, you must make sure they have the right licences. as a business owner, you can use mentoring, coaching and shadowing to develop employees’ skills at little or no cost to your business. in this case, you could encourage your employees to look externally for a mentor, either through similar businesses, industry associations, or mentoring programs. to get the most out of a mentoring relationship, a mentee should: shadowing refers to one employee following and observing another employee for a specific period. a good job shadowing program can bring many benefits to your employees and your business. they’ll be able to talk you through the key things to consider and work with you to develop a program that meets the needs of your employees and your business.