weekly lesson plan template

to save time, i created a weekly google docs lesson plans template that i can easily copy and update for the up-coming week. i can easily share my plans with my co-teacher, and i can plan or update my plans on my computer, chromebook, ipad, or even my phone. in my google drive, i have a folder titled “weekly plans.”  in this folder i have a sub-folder for each course i teach. first, for each day of the week, i type the topic of the lesson, the objective, and the standard.

next, for the “introduction” i write the topic(s) of the do now for that day, or describe an introductory activity. last, for “assessment/closure” i write in how i plan to close the lesson, or more often how i plan to assess the lesson. and if there are sub plans, i usually just put “worksheet” for the activity. you can grab a free copy of the weekly google docs lesson plans template here.

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