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for example: vocational education is a career path that allows people to continue their education following high school without the time and financial commitment of a four-year college or university. some employers may pay for and send talented staffers to vocational schools to help them learn or hone skills in a particular industry. most vocational education includes a hands-on component via clinicals, internships and externships, in which students work under supervision in their field of choice.

vocational training can lead right into a career path, or serve as a stepping stone to continuing education and training. for example, someone who gets an english degree at a four-year college or university may have the option of working a wide range of fields related to communications, marketing or education; someone with a vocational certification in welding may have more limited options. vocational training is no easier than collegiate-level higher education; in fact, the compressed nature of training programs can make it even more challenging. if you’re not sure where to start when it comes to choosing a vocational career path, vocational educational counseling can be a benefit.

vocational school is an old antiquated term that was previously used until the late 1960’s when the education system evolved from basic primary education to include high school and then technical schools or colleges in the mid 1960’s. in central and eastern europe[10], a vocational education is represented in forms of (professional) vocational technical schools often abbreviated as ptu, technical colleges (technikum) and technical high school. ptus are usually a preparatory vocational education and are equivalent to the general education of the third degree in the former soviet education, providing a lower level of vocational education (apprenticeship). the basic categories of education are in addition to these categories administered by the ministry of education, the ministry of interior provides vocational education in the security and rescue branch for policemen, prison guards and firefighters.

in india vocational schools are mainly run by the government under the guidance of the ministry of skill development and entrepreneurship. a vocational school in ireland is a type of secondary education school[14] which places a large emphasis on vocational and technical education; this led to some conflict in the 1960s when the regional technical college system[15] was in development. in 1795, all of the guilds in the netherlands were disbanded by napoleon, and with them the guild vocational schooling system. in the united states, there is a very large difference between career college and vocational college.

examples of vocational training and vocational jobs in this genre include: trade school: some types of vocational training are offered through specialized training or technical institutes that may examples of specific vocational classes might include the following: introduction to health care for nursing; medical a vocational school is a type of educational institution, which, west park secondary school in toronto is an example. it was built in 1968 for students with slow learning or special needs. education in, . medical assisting.dental assisting.cosmetology.medical coding.pharmacy technician.nrsing assistant.massage therapy.

high school cte programs tech prep education postsecondary vocational school apprenticeship instead of taking 4 years of your life to get a degree, a vocational school will let you get it here are a few examples: vocational skills usually means a college degree isn’t required. examples of vocational skills hairdressers usually learn their skills in a licensed vocational school, but in some,

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