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in 2002, the hunan provincial art school established in 1951 and the hunan film school established in 1979 were merged and upgraded to the hunan vocational college of art. the national cultural cadre training base and the national non-genetic inheritance population research and training base have successively won honors such as the national advanced group for cultural work, the national advanced unit for school art education, and the advanced unit for vocational education in hunan province. hunan vocational college of art now has 6 professional departments of drama, music, dance, film and television, fine arts, cultural tourism, and the ministry of public education, the department of art practice, the department of art training, and the hunan provincial art school (secondary school).

facing the nationwide enrollment, the college follows the law of art education. hunan vocational college of art adheres to the art-oriented principle and is a student of its own. in the course of running the school for nearly 70 years, the college has accumulated a profound humanities and arts heritage, and cultivated nearly 50,000 art talents for all sectors of society. with the continuous expansion of china’s opening to the outside world, the college has gone abroad and traveled to italy, portugal, tunisia, jordan, kuwait and other countries to conduct cultural and art exchange activities with foreign art colleges or non-governmental organizations.

yunnan vocational college of culture and art (云南文化艺术职业学院, website) is located in kunming, yunnan. the college was founded in 1956 and was formerly the yunnan art school. in 2004, with the approval of the yunnan provincial people’s government, it merged with the former yunnan provincial department of culture to establish the yunnan vocational college of culture and arts.

there are 97 internship training bases in the school, and 32 internship training bases have been jointly established by the school and enterprise. there are 266 faculty members and 2,708 students. yunnan vocational college of culture and art has a total of 266 faculty members, of which 193 are full-time teachers, accounting for 72.6% of the total number of faculty members. the college now offers music performances, dance performances, theater performances, film and television performances, performing arts, advertising design and production, visual communication arts, environmental art design, character image design, computer art design, acrobatics, mass cultural arts, cultural business management, secretarial , computer information management, multimedia design and production, stage lighting and sound, library science, etc.

this organization is not bbb accredited. college and university in indianapolis, in. see bbb rating, reviews, complaints vocational college of the arts. vocational school in indianapolis. opening at 12: 00 pm on tuesday. get quotecall heilongjiang art vocational college is the only state-owned full-time comprehensive art vocational college in, .

jianghan art vocational college was established in 2004 by the hubei provincial people’s government approved hunan vocational college of art (湖南艺术职业学院) is a state-owned arts college . in 2002, the hunan provincial art yunnan vocational college of culture and art (云南文化艺术职业学院, website) is located in kunming, yunnan. it is,

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