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learning from a screen made many students feel isolated, left behind, unmotivated, and detached from the classroom environment. the following 10 guidelines help you build an engaging online learning experience in which your students can optimally focus, connect, and participate. foster a classroom culture where the participants want to connect, discuss, and share constructively. planning allows you to share agendas ahead of time and have the students prepare for the upcoming lesson. one of the main advantages of a virtual classroom is the access to technology and interactive tools to keep the students engaged. invest in software with all the bells and whistles to create the best course possible for you and your students.

this is a great way to have every student share something personal and take the stage to talk to the group. this is a virtual twist on a great classic that gets everyone to contribute their bit to the lesson. the students then upload and present their assignments in class. a fun way to do this is to invite individual students for a virtual lunch with the teacher. we should foster student engagement to overcome the challenges and disadvantages of a virtual classroom environment. kaltura’s mission is to power any video experience.

you can integrate common household objects into learning activities to give students a new, more visual way to learn and problem-solve. scavenger hunts are the perfect tool to get students to use their creativity and critical thinking skills in a virtual setting. distribute the playlist to the entire classroom, and have students guess which of their classmates picked each song. the possibilities are endless, and students love to both share and hear their classmates’ answers.

next, let your students have fun asking each other questions to get to the bottom of which facts match which students. here are a few great places to kickstart your virtual field trip ideas: this virtual reality planetarium uses your location to provide an accurate depiction of the night sky where you live, including stars, constellations, planets, and even satellites in orbit. by going beyond standard lesson plans and offering young learners a way to interact with each other and the world through virtual experiences, you can help them strengthen their social, creative, and learning skills. the holidays can be a challenge for those who might be struggling to cope with uncomfortable feelings and navigate emotions.

games and activities to make lessons fun and creative while distance learning. give students a break so they 25 virtual classroom games and activities. virtual classroom activity ideas virtual museum trip virtual gallery walk engaging websites for learning online formative assessments. 10 engaging and fun virtual classroom ideas opening music polls and quizzes think-pair-share (tps) virtual show and tell scavenger hunts., .

if you use kaltura virtual classroom, you can leverage the built-in collaborative virtual classroom games 1. quiz games 2. liar game 3. word association games 4. describe and draw 5. online activity videos 6. scavenger hunt 7. guess try these virtual learning games & apps for online learning. learning outside of the classroom can be easy and fun with these virtual school, . how do you make a virtual classroom fun? what game can i play with my class online? how do i make my virtual class more interactive? how do you engage students in a virtual classroom? from creative challenges to debate-based matches, here is our list of online classroom scavenger hunt. virtual pictionary. virtual trivia. virtual musical chairs. ambassadors. summer book club. geography puzzles. virtual game show. 25 community-building activities for virtual classroomsshort check-ins. virtual show and tell. talent show. discussion boards. polls. flipgrid. virtual rooms. autobiographical writing.

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