varia vocational college

the objective of the study program is that the student will be able to work as a cook in the hospitality industry. the study program is designed to give students the necessary skills which are required in the hospitality industry – such as basic skills in cooking, customer service, mathematics, computer studies etc. the study programme of a restaurant cook consists of 180 credits and it takes about 2,5 years to complete. an average study load during one week is 30 hours, usually between 8 am and 4 pm. both autumn and spring semesters follow the normal finnish school schedule. on-the-job learning means working in an institutional kitchen, restaurant kitchen or in a hotel as an additional member of the staff.

you can apply to the education by filling out the electronical application found from school’s own website. education in vantaa vocational college varia is free of charge and so is a daily lunch. at the beginning students are required to purchase themselves uniforms, one for the kitchen and one for the customer service, and professional shoes and a set of knives. want to know more about vocational qualification in restaurant and catering services | restaurant cook? this information will be sent directly to the school, and a representative will respond to your enquiry. variassa järjestetään monimuotoista toisen asteen koulutusta nuorille ja aikuisille. koulutusta järjestetään sekä nuorille että aikuisille.

vantaa vocational college varia was established in 1963. ever since it has changed its name various times until in vantaa vocational college varia you can study the vocational qualification in hotel, restaurant and catering vantaan ammattiopisto varia – vantaa vocational college varia, vantaa, finland. 3391 likes 17 talking about, varia restaurant cook, varia restaurant cook, vamia vocational institute, students varia, omnia college.

vocational upper secondary education institution in vantaa, finland. varia. in more languages. vantaa vocational college varia founded in 1963 owned by and located in the city of vantaa 4,

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