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attention-to-detail and the ability to work independently or on a team are just examples of the many skills learned in the military that adapt well to the trade industry. types letters, reports, orders, awards and training schedules in a unit or higher administrative section. performs a variety of tasks in connection with deck maintenance, small boat operations, navigation and personnel supervision assigned to a boat or ship. knowledgeable in the operation and maintenance of internal combustion engines including turbines. for veterans who are unsure of what vocational field to enter, the vocation rehabilitation and employment program through the va offers education and career counseling that can help sort out a career path. a vocational or technical education that awards a diploma and familiarizes veterans with the way things are done in the civilian world is all that is usually needed.

veterans using this gi bill receive a monthly payment which at the time of writing is $1,789 for full-time students having served for at least three years or $1,454 for full-time students serving less than three years. students successfully completing a training program usually receive either a diploma or certificate from the school and can go on to obtain a certification or license from the federal government, state or other entity, such as microsoft or cisco in the case of computer networking. the following is just a sampling of some of the more unique scholarships and grants reserved just for veterans either going to school for the first time or returning to school after getting out. all of these reasons can make the transition to civilian life easier and faster for veterans. part of the department of veterans affairs, vetsuccess helps veterans transition to college life through a variety of benefits and resources. connect with a community of peers, and find a program that will allow you to continue your education in a fast and flexible way.

in addition, many vocational and trade programs honor benefits provided by the gi bill®, allowing veterans to obtain credentials affordably and quickly. the amount of funding veterans receive from the gi bill depends on their institution and the individual’s eligibility for specific gi bill programs. after deciding to pursue a vocation or trade, veterans should consider several factors to choose the best school and program for their needs. since this is about half of the length of a bachelor’s program, vocational training for veterans allows individuals to enter the workforce sooner. because not all schools provide services and programs to help veterans transition to a civilian learning environment, learners should research the resources available at each prospective school. the va website provides a platform for student veterans to provide anonymous feedback related to va-approved schools and training programs.

choosing a school that awards credit for military experience can save veterans time and money. veterans should also consider the types of jobs available for individuals with military experience and the education requirements for those positions. the department of labor offers a career search platform that allows veterans to browse careers by industry and find jobs similar to their military work. certificate programs typically require 12-15 credits and can help student veterans stand out in the job market. veterans with aviation experience often work in the following vocational and trade positions. to function, the military requires personnel, administration, and human resources professionals.

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