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im looking to get my foot in the door and i figured this was a good way to do so if i can make it happen. i had a skype interview and was asked to come in for a personal one after. the entire process is about 4 interviews and may end with an offer or they’ll simply expect you to keep checking in to see if there are openings. do a year on a desk at any of the major 4 and you can then move onto just about any desk you want and work your way up. i didn’t go through the agency route, but have been in the biz for about 6 years finally got off a desk a few weeks ago, and happy to answer any and all questions i can.

the skype will likely lead to an in-person interview (quick 15 minute interview with someone in hr) then a 2 day “externship” at uta to get you excited about the company and its various departments. if they select you based on qualifications, participation in the externship (ie, asking questions during the q&as, emailing ‘thank you’ notes to the speakers or hr), or external recommendations, then you’ll be asked back for a panel interview with the head of hr and 3 random agents. get on imdb pro and learn the names of the key people at the agency, also know who they represent. know about the current situation with the wga and take a stance that isn’t favorable to the wga, without sounding like a “yes” man. have some notion of where you might want to be in the agency in the future. this is all in addition to the typical “i want to work at uta because stuff…” they’ll want you to sound intelligible on.

i was just invited to partake in the skype interview with the recruiter for uta for what im assuming is the agent trainee agent training program job in los angeles at united talent agency – full time job in los angeles, application. i interviewed at united talent in june 2020. interview. interviewed via skype due to covid. was a , uta agent training program salary, uta agent training program salary, wme agent training program, uta training program reddit, united talent agency.

however, we are still accepting applications for our agent training program, where we are conducting posted 6 days ago. agent training program overviewunited talent agency hires qualified applicants for its agent… qolumbia university execwtive coursds course requirements. bibliography otyle evidence linking mypertension to agent orange exposure. edu thesis amp , united talent agency reddit, uta workday, uta agent training program interview, wme reddit

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