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i know people would kill for this job, and i don’t want to seem ungrateful, but, at the end of the day, i don’t know if this job would help me or not. as another benefit, you will earn an understanding of how a top-tier agency works from the inside. if you do a good job, you’ll get promoted to be the assistant to a lower-level agent. because they represent writers, actors, and directors, and because they are the ones who make the final deals on every project in town, working at an agency is a really good place to learn the way the tv and film businesses operate.

know that most people in this business started here making about that, it’s a shitty rite of passage and i wish it was different; but you’ll be in good company for the rest of your career if you can share a good ‘shitty first job in the business’ story. you’re going to learn more about how the business works in a week there than you did in four years at film school. it’s a bitch living like that but this is how it starts for most of us. if you think you’re going to get paid better than minimum wage with a film degree out here, well…i’m just guessing here, but do you write in the fantasy genre? two ways you get to be a working screenwriter: (1) have great samples and (2) be cool and pleasant and charming when you meet with people who can hire you.

this estimate is based upon 25 united talent agent trainee salary report(s) provided by employees or estimated based salaries, benefits, work-life balance, management, job security, and more. if you’re absolutely set on working at a talent agency, uta is the best out of all the agent training program is great. so i was interviewed by one of the major talent agencies in los angeles (caa, uta, wme can’t tell you which, , uta agent training program salary site:www.reddit.com&prmd=niv, uta agent training program interview, uta agent training program interview, uta agent salary, uta training program reddit.

$32k agent trainee average salary at united talent agency (2 salaries). -$6k ( 17%) less than national average agent in short, top talent breeds top salaries. tracey jacobs at uta is said to be earning upward of $9 million — and as an assistant and move up to the mailroom agent-training program. uta’s agent training program is the industry’s best known and most desirable due to our upfront investment in our new , united talent agency, agency training programs, wme agent training program, uta workday, united talent agency reddit

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