ug vocational courses

there are numerous colleges, universities and institutes around the country that offer these vocational courses to the students who are inclined towards them. some of the best institutes in india that offer vocational courses today are: the numbers and the kinds of vocational courses that are available to the students today are abundant. careers in sectors like advertisements, television, gaming and even education are possible after a vocational course in the field of education. career prospects: the opportunities are endless when it comes to a vocational course in banking and finance.

communication and public relation is the one of the important aspects of our lives as we stay in a society. career prospects: the ultimate goal of a marketing or advertisement person is to expand client base and ensure maximum benefit to the company. career prospects: there are various job positions that open up after study of vocational course in catering management such as becoming a kitchen porter, a waiting or a bar staff, being a food processing worker, a kitchen assistant the famous bartender. chief information officer and system administrator are the key job roles to aim for with a vocational course in this sector/field.

vocational education and training (vet) is a job oriented technical training course for students and aspirants to choose a specific career opportunity. vocational training happens not only in automotive segment but also in hand trades and tourism. these trainings are done either in institutes, community colleges, or in trade schools. there are certain vocational schools that offer these programs. there are certain vocational courses that are in the form of high school studies.

for post secondary vocational courses a student needs to be a 10+2 pass out which means he has a basic education for the higher vocational courses. in vocational training, students are required to meet the minimum age requirement of 16 years to get admitted to the vocational course. for post secondary courses, a high school diploma or a ged is expected of the aspirant to get enrolled. vocational courses do happen in almost all fields and thus the syllabus for different courses is different. career opportunity such as audio technician, game designer, foreign language expert, auto technician, pilot, forensic scientist, etc is common.

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continue reading for an overview of vocational education programs and the possibility of these courses leading to a u.g/p.g vocational courses admission. . important links. ministry of human resource what are vocational courses? these courses equip you with the skills and knowledge of a specific field. vocational,

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