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training record book template is a training record book sample that gives infomration on training record book design and format. when designing training record book example, it is important to consider training record book template style, design, color and theme. second, your examiner will be viewing this before you sit your exam. ––have i got your attention? note min 690 – the full physical book should be sent to the seafarer services branch, but you must retain scanned copies of the overview signature pages from the trb as these may be required during the online oral examination. i know it sounds obvious, but all the information is in there (and it will help you understand this article too). sure, there might be a few things you don’t know, but don’t expect the captain or chiefmate to coddle you through it. so, don’t sign off 20 pages all in one go and use the exact pen & signature. tip: if the captain is too busy that day to sign off your task, make some personal notes in pencil including the date, and he can then sign it later.

training record book format

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a common mistake here is that in the column “signature of master and duly authorised officers” ––signatures of both parties are missed. another common mistake is that you list all of the boats you have worked on. the trb proves your training. ℹ️ tip: make sure you have these 3 items for every boat you worked on since opening the trb. under the column “satisfactory standard of proficiency witnessed,” it’s missing space for the name of ship, date, and signature. some tasks might not be relevant to your vessel, but make a note of why and research the subject. you can self-assess if you are signed on as the captain and hold a valid coc (such as a yachtmaster offshore or master 200gt). you will need a letter from the owner or managing company confirming your employment and position onboard.