training protocol template

training protocol template is a training protocol sample that gives infomration on training protocol design and format. when designing training protocol example, it is important to consider training protocol template style, design, color and theme. in episode #94, i outline what i call a “foundational fitness protocol” that focuses on one key aspect of physical fitness critical for health and longevity and aesthetic balance each day of the week. i acknowledge there is a range of best practices regarding exercise and optimal training (e.g., listen to dr. andy galpin describe the nine physical adaptations from exercise). *keep weight workouts to 50-60 minutes of hard work after a warmup, 75 minutes maximum. while i have included exercise suggestions in the pdf, choose the exercise that you can perform correctly, through a full range of motion and with the proper form. the best exercise you can do for a body part is one that you can perform safely. you should train for your needs as they relate to aesthetic and safety needs.

training protocol format

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i sometimes swap day 4 and 5 if i need to. after a training session, use 3-5 minutes of deliberate slow breathing to “downshift” the nervous system, relax the mind and body and aid muscle recovery. i do this at night before sleep or while waiting for dinner to cook or (confession!) i like to train fasted and before noon but after drinking caffeine, water and electrolytes, because i don’t feel sluggish during workouts, but if you just ate a meal and time is limited, it’s more important to get in the workout than not to train. hopefully, this foundational fitness protocol will provide you with a framework for physical goals that you can modify based on your schedule, fitness level and personal goals. here are some to keep in mind, given their effects on physical performance and muscle recovery. sign up to receive a copy of my daily blueprint, where i break down my daily routine and share the tools and protocols i rely on to stay focused, healthy and productive — so you can maximize your own physical and mental health.