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training profile template is a training profile sample that gives infomration on training profile design and format. when designing training profile example, it is important to consider training profile template style, design, color and theme. if, however, valid standards were available for power across different durations that represented different physiological characteristics or abilities, then it would be possible to identify a particular individual’s relative strengths and weaknesses based on their “power profile”. secondarily, the index efforts were chosen in an attempt to increase reproducibility (e.g., use of 5 s vs. 1 s power as an indicator of neuromuscular power), and for convenience. it is critical that the values used in this analysis be truly reflective of the athlete’s very best effort over that duration – otherwise, the resultant profile may be distorted, leading to inappropriate conclusions and actions.

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between 1 min and 5 min): this pattern would be characteristic of an excellent sprinter/”fast twitcher”, i.e., an athlete whose naturally abilities are skewed towards success in short duration, high power events. it is unlikely, however, that these differential changes with age are sufficient to significantly alter a rider’s “profile”, and it is suggested that the tables simply be applied “as is” regardless of a rider’s age. a former national-caliber masters cyclist and tt record holder, dr. coggan is also widely recognized as one of the leading experts on the use of power meters.

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case: you’ve created a project with training data on one computer, and you want to use a different computer for training models with custom hyperparameters. this guide will explain how to create a custom training profile but doesn’t cover how to decide what the hyperpameters should be. for more information about the hyperparameters, see our guide to configuring models. the json format is fairly easy to read (and edit) with a text-editor and you can use the default “baseline” profiles as a starting point for creating your own training profiles. you can use the same gui that’s used for training on a local machine to export custom training profiles. if it isn’t open already, run sleap and open the sleap project with your training dataset.

you’ll see the training gui which lets you configure the pipeline type and the hyperparameters for each model: first pick the desired pipeline (i.e., top-down, bottom-up, or single animal). once you’ve configured each of your models, click the “save configuration files…” button at the bottom of the dialog. you’ll be prompted for where to save the files. wherever you selected to save your files, you’ll now have a custom training profile(s) with the settings you selected in the dialog. then call: for each model you want to train (where path/to/custom/profile.json should be replaced with the path to your custom training profile and path/to/dataset.pkg.slp replaced with the path to your training job package). if you exported the training package as a zip file, it contains both the .pkg.slp and .json files necessary to train with the configuration you selected in the gui.