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ideally, those which have already been uploaded, and those which are scheduled would provide the user a dynamic estimate of weekly/monthly distance; including strava club events which the user has already rsvp’d to would automatically populate the training log and provide an absolute one-stop-shop. the ability to upload your own training plans would be huge. i have my own training plan for the next 4 months and would love to upload that to view in the training calendar. i would like the ability to plan out my own future training plan into the training calendar.

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adding on to the training calendar/log we have, i would find it very useful to have the ability to plan future activities for the upcoming weeks, months, etc. would it be possible to give me the ability to enter my own customized training plan on the training plans for runners page on the strava website. – i would have the ability to name the training plan and view my upcoming weekly schedule on both the website and mobile app. all of the competitor apps have this kind of adaptive training plans, which looks quite strange to me why strava doesn’t, even if it’s on the market for such a long time. i think strava training plans are just for marketing so they can list that in the subscriber features.