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training outline template is a training outline sample that gives infomration on training outline design and format. when designing training outline example, it is important to consider training outline template style, design, color and theme. in the first two articles of this series on how to write a training outline, i covered the six steps you should follow to ensure your training is well-organized and complete. in this leadership training example, i see it as an ongoing series of half-day workshops, and what’s presented below is just one objective of several that would make up an opening session of a multi-part series. if i were running this leadership training at a company knowing the audience is made up of mid-level managers, each session would be 3 hours with a short break at the halfway point.

training outline format

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in the example training outline above, the material presented covers about two hours. please take a look at how you can host an effective training meeting. by following this six-step process, you’ll be well on your way to creating more effective, well-organized training that delivers the content you need participants to learn. your training outlines can also help you figure out the all the resources including trainers, rooms, schedules or rotation and other systems […] in the first article of this series about how to write a training outline, i explained how useful the process is in making sure your training sessions are well-organized and well-received.