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training offer template is a training offer sample that gives infomration on training offer design and format. when designing training offer example, it is important to consider training offer template style, design, color and theme. i’ve been going through the hiring process at a small local company. now they say i have potential, and are asking me to come in for “training” for a full work day (9am-5pm), but i have not received a job offer, nor did they offer any payment. this feels weird – i don’t want to work for free, but also don’t want to lose the opportunity. they are very informal, and haven’t mentioned what the pay is for the position. that really sounds like it could be a scam more than a job opportunity, since they already had you doing some real work for free, as part of the interview. or perhaps, as a comment notes, the ‘come in for training’ is the job offer.

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how much are you paying, and is the training pay at the same level as the job pay? because, if it is a real job, then of course, they are paying you for the training too. if it’s a scam, they’ll be evasive and not give clear answers. since you also want to know if you’ve actually got the job, you can wrap that up in your questions about pay and training. in other words, sound like you assume they are offering the training as part of an offer, which of course would be paid. if you are in the us, do not do the training without filling out a w-4 form, which, of course, if they are legit, they will be planning on doing anyway.