Training Manual Template

Training manual template is a template for providing guides and instructions for performing various tasks. A sample training manual template can help both the trainees and the training professionals to provide instructional materials.

Training Manual and Job Training

Training manual need to understand the needs of trainees. In the process of understand the needs of business, trainees, you need to perform organization analysis, working analysis and staff analysis. One of the organization’s overall performance is making evaluation and find out the existing problems and analyzes the reasons and personnel quality status and the gap between the existing situation. and make sure that the organization’s future development may be met in change.

Training manual can provide clear instruction and improve communication between employee and management teams. Training manuals serve the important purpose of providing a consistent way to communicate instructions to employees about how to perform essential functions of their jobs. Also, training manual need to consider the needs of employees. Individual analysis looks at individual employees and how they are performing in their jobs. Employees can be interviewed, questioned or tested to determine their individual level of skill or knowledge. Data also can be collected from their performance reviews. In addition, performance problems can be identified by examining factors such as productivity, absenteeism, tardiness, accidents, grievances, customer complaints, product quality and equipment repairs needed

Training Manual Template

There are free training manual template you can download for your reference, however, you can use Word or Excel to create your own sample training manual template, in the process of developing your own training manual template, you need to consider the training manual format and the key elements contained in the template.

The first key section in training manual template is the introduction. In the section, you need to give a general background information for the training material and guide for reading or using the training material.

The second key part in sample training manual is the roles and procedures. In the section, you need to use all necessary means including graph, picture or other multimedia methods to deliver the knowledge.

The last key section in training manual example is the exceptions, frequent questions and useful terms. In the section, you may provide instructions on the exceptions and the frequent questions the readers might meet or provider terms and glossary to readers for easy reference.