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training debrief template is a training debrief sample that gives infomration on training debrief design and format. when designing training debrief example, it is important to consider training debrief template style, design, color and theme. for that, he used this philosophic quote: “i hear and i forget; i see and i remember; i do and i understand.” the quote talks about how easy it is to understand and learn something when you put the time into “doing” it. debriefing digs into why things happened and explores implications for the future. you will gain insights in what to repeat and what to change. during debriefing, you explore three things: what happened (the what), why it happened (the so what) and what should happen in the future (the now what). the goal of the first step is to collect data of what actually happened during the training session, scenario, or experience. be sure to set a trusting tone in the debrief environment so that people do not feel intimidated and can respectfully voice what happened.

training debrief overview

using video images helps to identify important events that occurred during the training session or scenario and the personal experiences of the participants can be supported. in other words, you move on to the interpretation of the events that happened. these questions relate the activity back to the pre-defined goals, and add meaning to it. this is the step where the real learning takes place, because of the feedback participants get. discussing the improvements is the third and last step of debriefing. that is the first and easiest gain. you will gain insights in what to repeat and what to change.

as a training consultant, i know that articulating “next steps” is the most critical question to ask and answer, to ensure that the time spent in learning leads to changes in either thinking or behavior. deal the cards and ask pairs of participants to share as many comments/observations as their card number suggests. have your group sit in a circle, and explain to them: “each of you will ask the person opposite two open questions. the trainer tosses the ball to a person and asks them to tell what they thought was the most important learning concept in the session. ask them to take a moment to think of one thing they have brought and one thing they will take away from the session. at the beginning of the session, i request that whenever someone feels a new, exciting, useful thought/practice/information is shared, they have to raise their hand and say aha! towards the end of the session, ask that they each share their top three points to ponder.

training debrief format

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training debrief guide

here are a couple of ideas to ensure that learning is taken back into the workplace. i ask people to choose a particular strategy or technique from the day that they want to focus on in their work following the workshop. you rub the outside and a genie appears, and (best of all) you get to make three wishes that are guaranteed to come true. to conclude i usually ask the participants to throw the balls into a bin, held aloft, with the promise all comments will be recorded and redistributed. i ask each participant to tell the group if they could take a picture of something that happened in the program and make it a postcard, what would the picture be, who would they send it to and why? giant post-it near the end of the event, put up a giant post-it note (or multiples if large crowd) and ask participants to share something they learned. have them sink the stone for something they want to let go of that no longer serves them and float a hope they have for themselves in the future.

we will look at how to help someone identify the impact of their experiences and how to process that impact in a healthy way. we will teach you to use the le rucher exchange at the cross™ debriefing model. using jesus’ interaction with the disciples as a biblical basis, we can identify 5 essential elements that, followed in an unrushed manner, can create the time and space for a person to reflect on their experience and the impact it is having. if you know of someone (or offer it yourself), please let us know and we will gladly put a link to your program on our website. we are only 20 minutes from the airport. we expect everyone to “follow the crowd” and meet us on the swiss side of the airport. last we heard, it cost 1 guest nearly 100 euros for a taxi for the 20-minute drive to le rucher (crossing the border automatically raises the price). we are more than glad to pick you up.

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