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training contract template is a training contract sample that gives infomration on training contract design and format. when designing training contract example, it is important to consider training contract template style, design, color and theme. a training contract is just one of the ways you can complete the mandatory two years of qualifying work experience needed to become a solicitor. as part of your training contract, you need to pass the compulsory professional skills course. however, it’s expected that many firms will stick with the traditional training contract format, so if you’d like to complete your qualifying legal work experience in this way you can. there is technically no minimum, although the law society recommends that firms pay £23,703 to trainee solicitors in london, and £21,024 to those training outside london.

training contract overview

if there are extenuating circumstances for your 2:2 or third and there is a particular firm you want to work for, contact them and explain your situation. however, these aren’t an easy option, and you’ll still need to prove you can meet the demands of the job without a 2:1. it’s unlikely that these firms will advertise their training contracts so get the name of the recruiter/hr manager and send a speculative application detailing why you want to work at the firm and what you can offer. while this won’t be a deciding factor in getting a training contract, it will certainly help you get to the interview stage. this gives you the opportunity to see how a law firm works, whether the role is for you, and it also gives the firm a chance to see what you’re like.

firms have different ways of working and varied specialisms, so in many cases it’ll still be important to complete on-the-job training in order to be ready for practice. some firms have introduced a graduate solicitor apprenticeship, which works in a very similar way to the training contract. if you’re completing your qwe via a law firm training contract, the individual firm requirements might vary in terms of when you complete the qwe element. while it’s often difficult to decide this ahead of beginning your practical training and before you’ve even completed the legal practice course (lpc) or sqe, you should try to make as informed a choice as possible.

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training contract guide

go to law fairs and, of course, don’t forget to consult your university careers advisers – they’ll have a wealth of knowledge and experience to help you in your search for a training contract or qwe. specialist/niche small firms that tend to offer high-quality work in a limited field. the best way to decide whether a firm is right for you and secure a training contract is to complete vacation schemes or work placement schemes. therefore, the application cycle is less structured unless you’re applying for a firm that’s continuing to recruit and train its trainees via a traditional training contract.

working in diverse teams on the most complex challenges for the world’s biggest companies. building the friendships and personal connections that will last a lifetime. the sqe is the new route to qualification for solicitors in england and wales. prospective solicitors are required to pass this new centralised assessment which is divided into two stages, sqe 1 (functioning legal knowledge) and sqe 2 (legal skills). we’re committed to providing exceptional training that will equip you with the skills to practise in a market-leading global law firm, and we’re proud to be partnering with the university of law to design and deliver our tailored offering. after completion of sqe 1 and 2, you’ll complete the sqe plus.

once you’ve completed the 11 months of study for the sqe 1, 2 and plus, you’ll then complete your qualifying work experience (qwe) with the firm by undertaking the two-year training contract. you’ll have plenty of opportunities to meet our teams, learn about their work and explore different areas of the law. experience living in a different country, gain valuable insight into the working practices of another jurisdiction and build professional contacts that will last throughout your career. you’ll receive the same level of personal training, including a dedicated supervisor, a cost-of-living salary adjustment and free language lessons in certain countries. not only will you work directly with our partners and senior associates, you’ll have the benefit of a dedicated supervisor (an experienced associate or partner) and ongoing support from the early careers development team. as well as our comprehensive legal training programme, you can expect on-the-job learning, in-house courses and more. from lunch & learn sessions with senior associates focusing on specific areas of the law to specialised seminars with city professionals, we’ll make sure you have everything you need to become the best lawyer that you can be.