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training bulletin template is a training bulletin sample that gives infomration on training bulletin design and format. when designing training bulletin example, it is important to consider training bulletin template style, design, color and theme. the state training office coordinates state and national training programs and provides training services throughout the state for our first responder and emergency management communities. the state training bulletin lists state and federal emergency management and first responder training opportunities focused on providing one-stop access to training deliveries and information to strengthen preparedness, enhance effectiveness, improve response levels, and provide viable solutions to california’s response community. to request the use of homeland security grant program (hsgp) or emergency management grant program (empg) or to attend wmd/cbrne/terrorism/all hazards courses please fill out entire tracking number form and send to emergency managers can request local-delivery of state and federal courses by completing a mobile training team (mtt) request form.

training bulletin format

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csti can assist marketing/filling the course. completion of this series demonstrates extraordinary dedication to the goal of protecting lives, communities, and resources from disasters. professionals who complete 5 required courses and any 5 of 15 elective courses are eligible to receive the certificate of completion. because of the background, discipline, and experience needed for many of the training courses offered, applicants attending training courses at the provider’s location must adhere to the individual provider’s policies and procedures. to see what’s currently scheduled in your area, refer to the state training bulletin, or visit provider websites for course schedules.