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trainer contract template is a trainer contract sample that gives infomration on trainer contract design and format. when designing trainer contract example, it is important to consider trainer contract template style, design, color and theme. the trainer agrees to meet with the client for a specific number (#) of times per week to exercise and promote healthy habits. the trainer agrees to provide a service. the personal trainer is obligated to provide training that enable and instruct the client to personal betterment regarding their body. the trainer should mention their fees and when payment is due. although, a contract can be written that binds the client to a fixed period. a client should be required to sign a waiver to limit the trainer’s liability in the event of injury. a personal trainer can charge more or less depending upon their experience, clientele, and the type of workout offered. the personal trainer is obligated to provide training that enables and instructs the client to personal betterment regarding their body.

trainer contract overview

the services provided by the personal trainer will last for a period of [#] minutes per training session (“session”). the client agrees to pay the personal trainer a fee of $[amount] for the services on a per session basis (“fee”). the client will request the services of the personal trainer on a mutually agreed-upon time period. the personal trainer will schedule the client to [#] sessions per week in accordance with the times below: sunday: ____:____ ☐ am ☐ pm monday: ____:____ ☐ am ☐ pm tuesday: ____:____ ☐ am ☐ pm wednesday: ____:____ ☐ am ☐ pm thursday: ____:____ ☐ am ☐ pm friday: ____:____ ☐ am ☐ pm saturday: ____:____ ☐ am ☐ pm sunday: ____:____ ☐ am ☐ pm ☐ – ongoing basis and continue until canceled by either party with [#] days’ notice. if the client is late by more than [#] minutes, the session will be considered forfeited without the ability to be re-scheduled. ☐ – not allowed to cancel a scheduled session that has been agreed upon between the parties. if the client has made payment and no longer wants the personal trainer’s services, the payments made will be ☐ forfeited ☐ refunded. the personal trainer is not and does not claim to be a licensed physician or hold any credentials that may present them to give medical advice. there are no guarantees made by the personal trainer regarding results from exercise, diet, or any other recommendations.

with the right template, both you and your clients have peace of mind. here’s what you should be considering, with your personal training contract template. because personal training can come with physical and medical concerns, you want to protect yourself fully. in this article, we’ll talk about: due to the specific nature of personal training, there are some important clauses that need to be in your contract. it’s important to be clear on which one the client has chosen and contracted for. 3. informed consent and need for physical — your clients should have a physical before you start training them, but you can’t force them to do that. 4. release of liability — trainers can’t allow themselves to be held liable if the client has a heart attack, stroke, or other medical problem, or if they’ve had these things in the past and shouldn’t be working out.

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by ensuring that these clauses are included in your personal training contract template, and by filling in all the details of the trainer/client relationship, you can protect yourself from liability if the client is injured or experiences a medical event. the “boilerplate” language that comes in a contract template is there for a reason, and should be left in place. be sure to follow best practices, including: the client you’re sending your personal training contract to shouldn’t be surprised by it. one of the best ways to have a secure personal training contract is to make sure it’s sent and signed properly. when it’s time for signing, you can use nitro sign to get any of your contracts or important documents signed. among the most important things to note with a personal training contract template, is that personal training is relatively standard. with a personal training contract template, you can benefit your training business and ensure that your clients are getting what they need from you, as well.