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learn the essential skills to transfer knowledge to adult learners in a way that is educational, interesting and interactive! being knowledgeable of and continuing to learn about the skills and knowledge drive success for you and your organization! we have a series of questions that we ask and we do a review of the course content and align this with the objectives that the client is seeking. quite often, we will utilize a facilitator that is from that culture and we will also adjust the activities to ensure that they are appropriate for the culture, audience and learning objectives.

the ideal is a total of four days, with a break in between so that the participants go back to their offices to produce their training development and return for days three and four to present their design plan and to deliver a segment of that training as their final training project. further, trainsmart tailors/customizes all of its programs to meet the needs/goals/objectives of the audience, as we know that this will provide the greatest value and knowledge transfer for the participants. or is it the customer’s responsibility to provide the criteria and guarantee the right people in the class? having a post-nominal is one of the best ways to share with colleagues and potential clients that you have completed the most stringent requirements in professional training. the course is well-structured, presented in an excellent fashion for both the written and facilitation.” “this is the best train-the-trainer course that i ever attended!

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