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track employee training template is a track employee training sample that gives infomration on track employee training design and format. when designing track employee training example, it is important to consider track employee training template style, design, color and theme. you realize the importance of training your employees and have spent time and money on the best learning courses to meet their needs. with the cost of onboarding a new salaried employee at an average six to nine months of pay, losing an employee because they were not trained hits you right in the bottom line. for example, if you are seeing consistent errors in a particular area of your company, you can review the training logs to see if the employees making the error have been adequately trained. these days, the best way to keep track of training for employees is with a learning management system (lms). if you are in charge of selecting a new lms for your company, get everyone on board by explaining the importance of tracking employee training in terms of reducing turnover, lowering costs, and staying in compliance with all rules and regulations governing your industry.

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if your construction company needs to track changes in compliance and regulations, can your lms do that? if you are implementing a company-wide quarterly training that all employees are required to undergo, maybe what you need is an lms that simply tracks course completions. or, if your technology is out of date, it’s good to know what changes you will need to make to update and expand to accommodate the new system (and if your company is ready to make those changes!). the number one reason people seek a new lms is to ensure compliance, but hard on the heels of that is the ability to integrate your already-existing learning programs onto an easy-to-use platform. you may never need certain features (see step three), but you want an employee training tracker that is scalable, no matter your goals. at edgepoint learning, we help with everything from designing your learning courses to figuring out how to track training for employees.

you can use this data to measure and evaluate the effectiveness of an employee training program or improve employee training performance. to be compliant, offer training, and track training progress to ensure employees complete the training process and that they don’t hold expired or fake certificates. you also need to identify the dates for the tracking process, who will assist you in this activity, the resources you may need, and how to write your report or evidence. supervisors are constantly with employees managing on-site safety training programs and can easily note if employees follow safety laws or work to reach the safety goals they learned in training.

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