the enchanted pool lesson plan

question 2. why do you think nakula was happy when he got to the place? question 1. what did arjuna see when he got to the pool? answer: yes, there was difference between arjuna and yudhistira in their responses to the invisible voice. answer: the choice that the yaksha gave to yudhistira was that one of his dead brothers could then be revived who he wanted to be revived, and he should come back to life. he wanted water and rest so he told nakula to look for water so nakula climbed the tree and noticed water, plants and cranes. answer: when the warrior arjuna heard the warning voice of yaksha, he became very angry it was arrogant. answer: yaksha was happy to know the answers given by yudhistira. he was selfless and he did not want madri to bereare. question 5. the officer dismissed the clerk because he was not competent.

answer: in the palace garden. as a result i missed the school bus and so i decided to cycle to school. answer: i went to the us as the indian representative at the world lady pilot’s association gathering. answer: shreya was told to report for duty the next day. the correct preposition is to be filled (a) for (b) to (c) about (d) on answer: (b) to question 6. it was yama. nakula did not head to the warning of the voice. he also did not care for the warning of the voice and drank water. yudhistira replied that kunthi and madri were the two wives of his father, he was surviving, a son of kunthi and that’s why he asked madri’s only son to be revived. he wished them that they would successfully fulfil their undertaking and then he disappeared.

being satisfied with his answers he blessed him and disappeared. rajagopalachari was the last governor-general of india. he also served as leader of the indian national congress, premier of the madras presidency, governor of west bengal, minister for home affairs of the indian union and chief minister of madras state. he vehemently opposed the use of nuclear weapons and was a proponent of world peace and disarmament. rajagopalachari was born in the village of thorapalli in the salem district of the madras presidency (now the krishnagiri district of tamil nadu) and educated at central college, bangalore, and presidency college, madras. on entering politics, he became a member and later president of the salem municipality. in 1937, rajagopalachari was elected premier of the madras presidency and served until 1940, when he resigned due to britain’s declaration of war on germany.

he later advocated co-operation over britain’s war effort and opposed the quit india movement. in 1946, rajagopalachari was appointed minister of industry, supply, education and finance in the interim government of india, and then as the governor of west bengal from 1947 to 1948, governor-general of india from 1948 to 1950, union home minister from 1951 to 1952 and as chief minister of madras state from 1952 to 1954. in 1959, he resigned from the indian national congress and founded the swatantra party, which stood against the congress in the 1962, 1967 and 1972 elections. the enchanted pool is a part of the great indian epic ‘mahabharata’ narrataed by saint vyasa. sahadeva, the youngest pandava finds a pool and as soon as he is going to drink water from it, the yaksha who owns the pool forbids him from doing so. as a result of this, he falls down unconcious. they too fall into the same trap and fall unconcious. the eldest pandava, yudhisthira reaches the pool in search of his brothers. he agrees to answer the yaksha’s questions in exchange of his brothers’ lives.

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