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are you a fan of the dot by peter reynolds? the beauty of these murals is that the students learn several art concepts, such as outlining and shading, as they progress throughout the project. the next day students fill in their circles, and on the third day, students learn shading. suitable for fourth graders and up, these stitched dots bring a pop of color to these geometric circles. it’s also the perfect art project to sneak in a quick math lesson about circles and angles. choose neon yarn and your students will make a very bright mark indeed. students use the marker to create their design and then use the tempera paints to fill in their designs with color. not-a-dot projects introduce the concept of positive and negative images—both which are equally appealing when hung up on the wall. this is also an ideal project for students just learning how to use watercolors. yet, when all of the quarters come together, you get a wall full of complete circles.

students are assigned a color scheme in order to create a circle. the beauty of this project becomes apparent when the small dots create much larger dots that are displayed for the entire school to see. (you can download the lesson plan for free here.) when the students all work from the same color palette, you’ll be rewarded with a masterpiece when all of the smaller dots are strung together. use neon markers for the brightest pops of color. now is the perfect time to use them! instead of sponge painting, students will use the milk lids as their “brush” and create a dot painting. a story, of course! students start with a dot and then draw the full picture. this could easily be adapted to older students: give each student a picture of a dot and have them write a three- to five-paragraph story. she is a former teacher and the founder of cor domum, a mission that guides families through life so that they can parent with joy.

international dot day is a celebration of creativity, courage, and collaboration. the first step to celebrating international dot day is to register for the celebration! click here to register for 2021! a good way to start your celebration is to pick up a copy of the dot by peter h. reynolds. dots take flight: this perfectly instagram-able display demonstrates the power of many dots together! first, decide on your display shape, keeping in mind the number of dots necessary for the display. find more about this particular display from @believeinstevens or using this link. dots gone bananas: this dot day activity harnesses the dots we see in nature! find more about this particular display from @juan huerta or using this link.

our friends at the moco museum created this awesome endless dot dot display! think about how you could create a dot display where there is more than what meets the eye! www-dot-sphere: this display transcends the 2d world and breaks into the 3d world. this activity incorporates creativity and stem into your dot day celebration! find more about this particular display from @stem4kids or using this link. activities on animation-ish combine technology, animation, design, and more for a creativity packed experience! fabmaker studio is the perfect tool for cultivating your inventive spirit! with this paper prototyping and fabrication software, flex your design muscles and create 2d, pop-up, and 3d paper models inspired by the dot. dot day is september 15th! international dot day is about creativity and inspiration so be post on instagram and facebook using the hashtags #internationaldotday and #makeyourmark.

this fantastic book is perfect for elementary classrooms. math and literacy center ideas, art, craft, snack, reading, writing and more! make international dot school displays, classroom displays, art classroom, book displays, library displays, teaching. keisha l. casiano on instagram: “this week our student made browse the dot peter reynolds display resources on teachers pay this unit contains: •5+ day teaching layout with common core, the dot book, the dot book, twinkl.

are you a fan of the dot by peter reynolds? here are some of the best the dot activities and inspiring art projects for the classroom. use this delightful book with your children by trying some of our teaching and activity ideas!​ i’m thrilled that the books in my creatrilogy — the dot, ish, and sky color — have found their way into the hands of educators. but i’m even happier that, .

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