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this is due to several factors, including lack of preparation and tools, negative perceptions about technology in general and a lack of buy-in regarding the effectiveness of classroom technologies. now that we understand what technology integration is, we can take a look at why we’d want to incorporate it into the esl classroom. in addition to the ideas we’ll discuss in this post, you can gain knowledge about how to make use of whatever technology tools your class already has available with ed2go’s integrating technology in the classroom. although technology can and does not replace an effective teacher, it does give students access to some of the supports that a teacher would provide. to help you get started with – or to further – your technology integration, here are a selection of valuable and convenient tools to use in your esl classroom.

at some point during your course, give students the opportunity to practice age-appropriate skills in editing, word-processing and internet research. engrade tools like engrade transform traditional paper gradebooks and offer a host of features that would not be possible with your traditional gradebook. although this can greatly limit what tools and activities you can incorporate in your class, it certainly doesn’t have to be a deal breaker. the key to successful technology integration in your esl class is to first understand how it will benefit your students, and to then find resources that support learning. fluentu is a participant in the amazon services llc associates program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

whether you’re a seasoned tech classroom user or new to the idea, below are a few handy tools for you to get your teeth into. you could also get students to co-create a presentation with one another on an element of the social or historical context of a text you’re studying, for example. it has a shared timeline as a homepage where you and your students can interact and you can allow students to interact with one another, if you wish. you could also post photos of classwork completed by groups of students or individuals so all the students can see it for best practice. the idea is that you can take a picture of your computer or device screen and then set your voice against the website or pre-prepared powerpoint.

if creating your own videos is not for you then you can create playlists of videos that are already out there that relate to the topics you are studying. the clips could help students get more from the topic or encourage them to read and research around the subject – a wonderful resource for years to come that you can regularly update. it is a great record of the year for the students to look back over. you could use the blog as a record of lessons by uploading presentations and photos. she has been ks3 coordinator for english, head of languages and communications faculty (english, media and mfl) and is now an assistant headteacher.

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technology has the potential to connect readers and writers together. students can use digital tools such as padlet and flipgrid to share books 1. move beyond vocabulary with quizlet: language teachers typically create quizlet study sets with key words in the target language and matching from basic translation to productivity tools for consumers, a lot of everyday apps and websites can be great for supporting ell-centered, online tools for teaching english, educational technology tools. how can i use technology to teach english? what is the best technology to support teaching language? what are technological tools? what are the modern tools used for teaching? 33 tools to teach english with technology#2 kahoot. #3 quizziz. #4 classmarker. #6 google forms. #7 microsoft forms. #8 your stock music player. #9 collage maker app. #10 phone audio recorder.

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