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you can listen to them wherever and whenever you wish. this podcast offers all of the essentials you need to know in order to make the most out of google classroom. with a wide range of podcasts, the goal here is to inspire teachers by speaking life and encouragement so that you can thrive in your profession. this is a great resource to get you started on new apps and programs to implement in the classroom. listen in for a fun and energetic look at the world of art education.

designed to share yoga teaching-related topics, this podcast helps you improve in the areas of technique, as well as personal and professional development. listen to this real and enlightening podcast about teachers in education and beyond. in this podcast, you can listen to creative teaching strategies and gain some inspiration for middle and high school english teachers. this is a podcast for those interested in learning more about inquiry-based learning, and on how to implement this teaching strategy into your classroom. you will receive all the updates you need if you are a project writer and you don’t want to miss all the news about the 2021-27 erasmus programme. we will write to you when we will publish new articles on our blog; articles that might help you in your class, interviews with our teachers, experiences here at europass teacher academy, and more!

in the car, on a walk, or while cooking dinner, podcasts provide respite and reflection for listeners who can take their pick from roughly 1.7 million podcasts as of 2021, according to the nielsen company. these are the types of questions that monica genta, a middle school teacher and educational consultant, explores through her weekly podcast this teacher life. in more than 200 episodes, you’ll hear from dozens of equity-focused educators leading the charge across the country on a range of topics such as combating chronic absenteeism, social and emotional learning for deaf or hard of hearing students, and how to lead a social justice affinity group.

the mindful kind: mindfulness may seem like a buzzword, but on the mindful kind, now in its sixth year of production, wellness guru and host rachael kable breaks it down so that listeners understand how the practices can transform their lives. this accessible and soothing entrée into the world of spiritual and mental wellness provides listeners with a wealth of weekly inspiration and wellness tips in 30 minutes or less. this two-part series from 2015 provides a visceral and unflinching glimpse into the state of school desegregation in the st. louis area, as well as how the transition impacted both students and the community—in their own words.

15 of the absolute best podcasts for teachers teaching keating with weston and molly kieschnick leading equity’s the creative classroom 1. the creative classroom 2. the 10 minute teacher podcast 3. the google teacher podcast 4. truth for teachers 5. house of #edtech podcast 13 educator-approved podcasts to listen to this year ; social studies the modern principal black educators matter ; the creative classroom with, best podcasts for teachers 2021, best podcasts for teachers 2021, google teacher podcast, teacher podcasts funny, new teacher podcast.

teaching strategies, classroom management, education reform, on the podcast, i interview educators, students, administrators and parents about the teacher podcasts list ranked by popularity based on social metrics, google search ranking, quality & consistency of articles & feedspot a favorite among listeners, the cult of pedagogy podcast provides advice in everything from equity to edtech. jennifer gonzalez hosts this must-, education podcasts, best podcasts for teachers 2020, best podcasts for elementary teachers, crying in my car: a podcast for teachers. how do i become a teacher podcast? can teachers have podcasts? how do teachers use podcast in teaching? why should teachers use podcasts?

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