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those considered bright either join the professions such as medicine and engineering and try to migrate to the west or are attracted by higher-level civil service positions, which open avenues for enormous graft and corruption. in the early 1990s there were 87 elementary teacher-training institutions offering a one-year program leading to the primary teaching certificate (ptc) for teachers in grades one to five or the certificate of teaching (ct) for teachers in grades six to eight. there are three types of programs for training of teachers in pakistan. the secondary school teachers are required to join one of the numerous teachers’ training colleges or a university department of education either for a one-year program leading to the bachelor of education diploma or a three-year program leading to a bachelor of education degree.

there are also several in-service training programs for “untrained” teachers or for upgrading the curriculum. thus, islamabad’s institute for the promotion of science education and training (ipset) and national technical teachers training college (ntttc) have been doing excellent work in upgrading the knowledge base of secondary school and junior college science teachers as well as instructors in technology colleges and polytechnics. the first to start courses leading to a master’s degree in special education were the university of karachi, the national institute for the handicapped at the university of islamabad (nihus), and the allama iqbal open university. programs were instituted for training fellowships abroad as well as for visits by experts from europe and the united states.

these courses will help you to reach qualified teacher status (qts), a position that you must attain in order to launch your career in the teaching profession. as a first step they will fully prepare you for any future teaching role, and will  leave you more than ready to face students. courses are relevant, up-to-date and innovative programmes of study which combine both theory and practice. students will undertake a stimulating academic programme of study that has a multidisciplinary approach, and a strong focus on achieving results.

there are both full and part time courses available, as well as bespoke courses to suit the individual needs of students. how to choose a course with so many different programmes of study to choose from, you need to think carefully about your options. it’s also imperative that you have a good idea of what you want to achieve from a course, and what subject and age groups you want to teach. only once you’ve thought all this through will you be able to choose something that precisely fits your long term career goals, preferences and personal circumstances. if you are, then what you are entitled to will depend on your how much you earn, your personal circumstances, where you live and the cost of the course.

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as the teacher training programmes in the e-9 countries are felt to be in- adequate with respect to efficient child teacher training. smiling teacher talking to student. we organise training events throughout the year for gce school the allama iqbal open university also offers distance education courses for its ptc and ct programs. there are three,

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