teacher activities in the classroom

teachers live and die by their routines during the school year. all that scheduling helps us survive, but that doesn’t mean we always love the things that fill the pages of our planners. for at least a few glorious weeks, summer vacation frees us from the confines of our schedule. you write the lesson plan, upload documents to the class drive, then teach. your next job is to make sure every student progresses as planned. according to vanderbilt university’s center for teaching, students are motivated by both intrinsic and extrinsic factors to varying degrees, and teachers meet their students’ learning styles by recognizing what motivates each student. nine months out of the year, tony robbins’s motivational techniques have nothing on how you get your kids to do their work. you’re either used to drinking bitter coffee from a carafe or sifting through the k-cup bin looking for something that isn’t decaffeinated or holiday-flavored. perhaps you’ll make it at home or drain the myriad starbucks gift cards you’ve collected as tokens of teacher appreciation.

but you get the point. giving yourself a few weeks to decompress is vital for self-care and longevity as an educator. you’re not the only one waking up with anxiety because your alarm didn’t go off at 5:30 am. it’s also your annual opportunity to remember what it’s like to live life without fear of getting the flu or whatever form of bubonic plague is going around your school. your shoulders haven’t seen the sun since last august, and you’re developing a lanyard tan on your neck. now that school’s out, you can retire the professional garb for a bit. bust out the yoga pants, the extra-large t-shirts, and the workout attire. you’re not the first to hide in your classroom for 10 minutes after school because you heard that teacher’s voice or distinctive footsteps in the hallway. ten weeks is just enough time to forget what exactly rubs you the wrong way about them. ben kissam is a writer, standup comedian, coach, and former middle school teacher.

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