supervisor training topics

supervisors are taught to recognize the types and levels of workplace violence, how to respond, and to recognize what is not violence but still needs their intervention. the training includes discussion about what the organization expects them to do to reduce risks, what your policies and procedures are for maintaining a safe workplace, when to manage situations, and when to seek outside assistance. information will be provided regarding the effects of drugs and alcohol on the individual as well as risks to the workplace. change is a natural part of life and the workplace.

the participant will be introduced to what a respectful workplace is and given opportunity to explore what are the factors that decrease or enhance collective respect in that environment. participants will be introduced to skills for providing great service in person, on the phone, and online; strategies for dealing with challenging customers; and tips for providing excellent customer service even when they don’t feel like it or the customer is not pleasant. this training starts with an understanding of some of the dynamics of time and our relationship to it. developing strengths for a successful retirement and paying attention to tips from others who have retired can be helpful in preparing people for the psychological adjustments that come with this significant life and work/life transition.

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they also help employees with goal-setting related to their duties. supervisor training areas can cover so you’ve promoted a high-performer to a manager position. what do you train them on? here are 12 the usda standard for new supervisor training outlines training topics, performance indicators and learning objectives , basic supervisory skills, management training topics, new supervisor training topics, supervisor training powerpoint

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