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elementary students, meanwhile, look to the adults in their life for structure, security, and leadership. “the science says to us that, in fact, the way the brain functions and grows, it needs safety, it needs warmth, it actually even needs hugs.” thus, to be successful in educating elementary school students, substitute teachers must learn to implement lesson plans in a way that promotes a sense of security and nurtures students’ developmental needs. but the confidence and security students develop with their elementary teachers can be tested when those trusted adults must be away from the classroom due to illness or professional development. by adhering closely to the guiding documents left by the absent teacher, these substitutes attempt to replicate the structure and routine of a typical school day in the classroom. some elementary teachers include prepared name tags with their sub plans, or may keep a pack of inexpensive, write-on name tags and a marker in their classroom kit.

with the uncertainty associated with a teacher’s absence sure to put some elementary students on edge, adding a bit of novelty and fun can help to put students at ease. substitute teachers who excel in elementary school classrooms are patient and have a warm and nurturing presence. with the understanding that elementary students use all of their senses to observe and learn about the world, exceptional substitute teachers keep kids actively engaged. consistency and commitment on the part of an elementary substitute will calm students’ fears, help them to feel safe, and allow them to get actively engaged in learning. he works hands-on with districts implementing customized solutions to improve their substitute teacher and support staff programs.

step 1: outline the basics for your substitute. step 2: create a template for your sub plans. step 3: save this simple, time-saving substitute lesson plan template is to be accessed and editable via google docs. time frames, fonts, and of browse sub plans resources on teachers pay teachers, a marketplace trusted by millions of kindergarten substitute lesson plans!, .

our lesson planning kits provide great icebreakers for substitutes and plenty of fun, educational activities for elementary and intermediate students. feedback check out these 50 quick activities for substitute teachers to use when lesson plans run short. ideas for all students in all classrooms! lesson ideas, games, and crafts trivia: bring trivial pursuit questions and set the class up into teams. draw a picture or write a story about, . how do you write a substitute lesson plan? what should a substitute teacher do if there are no lesson plans? what are sub plans? what should a substitute teacher do on the first day?

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