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i hope you’ve had an awesome weekend and that you’re readying yourself to crush the week ahead! i told my husband this morning that i almost feel like i need to take a day off to plan, do homework, and run errands because i don’t have time to do anything after school! i often hear teachers say that it’s harder to plan for a substitute than it is to just go to work! it’s a super versatile tool and, though it’s a “freemium” site, teachers can easily create a sub-plan template that can be modified and reused without exceeding the storage of the free account. we frequently use the “shelf” format for class collaboration and my students appreciate that they can work together on the same topic while posting their thoughts and contributions individually. it’s just such a versatile option for teachers and students that goes way beyond “just” a presentation. i use google slides in my classroom to share our daily learning targets and objectives (be sure to use topics on classroom to organize what you share!) teachers can easily use google slides to share sub-plans with their students and substitute teacher, and can quickly edit slides to modify plans and expectations throughout the year.

google classroom stream yup, i’m sure you probably guessed that google classroom was going to make my list of tools for quick and easy sub-plans. i add quick information to the stream of classroom for each class and include simple instructions for my substitute that direct my students to access their classroom stream for their task list. it’s so much easier to direct students to a brief link that includes a customized url (that makes sense as opposed to random letters and numbers!) and, if you’re using padlet, google slides, or any other web-based tool for your sub-plans, it’s super simple to create a address that directs your students and substitute to your plans. i am a grad student working towards my masters in integrating technology in the classroom. i came across your blog and wow!! i use google slides and my bitmoji to present my lessons. i am looking forward to trying the inserting response boxes for kindergarten. i love using technology in my flipped, blended, and gamified classroom.

create a sub plan so that you are good to go in the event of needing a substitute teacher with little to no time for making preparations. for example, underline the same types of things throughout your plans so that it becomes a cheat sheet for the eye and your sub can find things quickly even if they’ve never subbed for you before. go digital – going digital means that you just may have your plans already in bullet point for form yourself and will make it that much easier to convert to sub plans. frog and toad – perfect for second grade, these sub plans are a great example of how you can lay out plans to coincide with literature that fits your class. change the range of numbers to fit your students and leave a stack of charts for your sub plans. {free download} a-z activity – this activity will easily allow you to incorporate vocabulary, science or any non-fiction topic.

{free download} if you want to look at someone’s template to look at so you can create one that works for you, then hopefully these two examples can shed some light on how to create a sub plan template. {free download} frog cover – this cute frog cover will slip into the front of any binder and be easy for a sub to spot or your partner teacher to pull out for you in a pinch. {free download} there are many different ways to put all of your sub items together from the binder ideas above. expandable file – this one works great for keeping things organized in chronological order for the whole day and the expandable part should let you stash quite a bit of materials if they are all standard paper size or smaller. drawers – using a set of drawers works great if you can afford the space. feel free to grab the “i’m a featured teach junkie” blog button as your creations are definitely worth the shout out.

browse sub plans resources on teachers pay teachers, a marketplace trusted by millions of teachers for original educational these print and digital no prep emergency sub plans will work at any time during the year for any u.s. or world history class. sub plan lesson ideas in general, try to keep your plans simple enough that they don’t take you very long to write up and explain. remember that your sub may, .

these print-and-go emergency plans are available for first, second, and 3-4th grades. they are available for each month and follow the same general sub plan the idea that, as teachers, we crawl out of bed when we are sicker than sick to prepare emergency sub plans wife teacher mommy’s emergency sub plans can help you be prepared before an absence occurs. check out our guide to sub plans and browse our, . what are sub plans? what should a sub plan include? how do i set up a sub plan? how do you make a sub plan in middle school?

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