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it is a movement to develop the deep mathematical and scientific underpinnings students need to be competitive in the 21st-century workforce. stem develops a set of thinking, reasoning, teamwork, investigative, and creative skills that students can use in all areas of their lives. technology: one surprise—the stem definition for technology includes any product made by humans to meet a want or need. a chair is technology; so is a pencil. stem lessons often seem similar to science lessons and experiments, and in some ways, they are. but if you look at the basics of an “ideal” stem lesson, you’ll see some substantial differences. i hope you’ll use these guidelines to collaborate with other teachers and create lessons that apply technology to what students are learning in science and math (and other subjects as well). stem lessons apply rigorous math and science content your students are learning. students can then begin to see that science and math are not isolated subjects, but work together to solve problems. this adds relevance to their math and science learning.

art plays a critical role in product design. teams will want their products to be attractive, appealing, and marketable. stem classes, by contrast, always provide opportunity for multiple right answers and approaches. when designing and testing prototypes, teams may flounder and fail to solve the problem. failure is considered a positive step on the way to discovering and designing solutions. so where can you find quality stem lessons? a word of caution, however: not everything that claims to be stem is actually stem. i generally start with the following sites to jumpstart my thinking when i plan a stem lesson: design squad nation, nasa stem lesson, national geographic education, stemworks, teachengineering, and the air force collaboratory. look at your course objectives, come up with a real world challenge, and write your own lesson. check out my blog posts perfect stem lessons and 12 steps to great stem lessons for some “how to” ideas.

but besides the rapid increase in stem-related careers, there are also specific benefits that lessons and activities in stem can provide now to students of all ages. even if students are interested in and want to dedicate time to excelling in stem subjects, schools may not have the resources to provide them. one of the challenges that teachers can face when building stem learning activities is finding a way to keep students interested.

a goal of a stem lesson is to try and spark a new interest in this field or subject among students. students can participate in online activities, learn more about pioneers within stem fields, and even sign up for the nasa kids’ club. discover how you can increase your stem expertise and become a leader of tomorrow with ohio university’s online master of science in electrical engineering.

orise offers free lesson plans and stem resources for k-12 teachers to help their students embrace science, math and technology subjects. free, k-12, ngss standards-aligned stem lessons and hands-on activities for teaching elementary, middle and high school science, engineering design and math create engaging and highly educational stem lesson plans with these 5 simple steps that can turn any topic into a stem activity., .

peanutes stem lesson plans curriculum that uses space principles to integrate science, technology, engineering and math (stem) into all content areas. stem lessons immerse students in hands-on inquiry and open-ended exploration. in stem lessons, the path to learning is open ended, within the best stem lessons require students to interact with the concept with their hands, whether it be through designing, building, creating, role-playing, or any, . what is a stem lesson? what makes a good stem lesson plan? how do you start a stem lesson? what is a stem activity?

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