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you currently have javascript disabled. i am just about done writing the sop’s and need to start implementing. basically i am wondering how to proper document the training register, we have employees that occasionally will perform other jobs in the facility so a lot of these guys will be getting trained on multiple department sops. just curious as to what you guys are doing, i almost feel like the only way to accurately list all sops the employees have been trained on is to create a document or spreadsheet for each individual employee and what sop’s they have been trained on. we do something like this (see attachment), similar to what glenn suggested, but looks like i need to add a few more details!!

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we do something like this (see attachment), similar to what glenn suggested, but looks like i need to add a few more details!! it lists the trainer’s initials after the topic, the training dates and colored dots to indicate several things including adequate test scores. we keep physical copies of the tests in a binder but they could be scanned and saved electronically. in the excell spreadsheet mark the ones required with red and when trained put date and mark with green if you wish. don’t forget to place on the paper training form the version nr.