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staff training log template is a staff training log sample that gives infomration on staff training log design and format. when designing staff training log example, it is important to consider staff training log template style, design, color and theme. a training log sheet is essential to track the details of the employees and their progress in training. use this blank employee log training sheet to keep track efficiently of the kind of training all the employees in your company is receiving. download this template today and use the simple format of a table to record the names of employees sent to the training, the type of training they are to receive and the date and signature of employee. download and use the layout of this printable field training log to keep track of employees efficiently. the tracking is more essential when the employees vary in the type of training that they are receiving.

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download this training strategy sheet and make use of the format for a purpose of your own and modified categories. this training contract sheet is blank to record the name of the personnel’s involved in the quality management of food. it is also a logical method to take attendance of the employees in the training sessions. the name of employees and their selected mode of training is then drafted in the sheet. followed by that are the name of the topics in the training procedure and the trainer’s name, location and date. it requires to record the name, initials, training type, date, location and signature of the employee.

onboarding and training new and existing team members can be a complex process for many organizations and their managers. while it may be a time-consuming process, taking the time to organize and streamline a process before your learners begin their training can potentially save you time and alleviate the risk of missteps in the long run. that said, what do you need to include in your training log template in order to cover the important aspects of training return on investment? on the not-so-obvious side, you need to break down the next section of your employee training log template by the level of training.

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this way, you can determine where your employee currently is in the early stages of training, as well as the further training he or she will need in order to accomplish their goals. last but not least, include the name of the trainer, whether it’s a member of your management team, a peer-mentor, or an outside resource and have them sign off on it. that way you have proper documentation and authorization of every training program completed by each one of your employees. if your team is utilizing excel 2013, you may even benefit from the “employee training tracker,” which can help your team customize the document based on various positions, not to mention it’s completely free to microsoft office users. when it comes time to assess the roi of your training programs, there are a few things to look for.