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this paper discusses the key characteristics of smart learning and the main challenges to be overcome when designing smart educational environments to support personalisation. the authors maintain that one of the most important features of smart learning is that the data used serves as feedback for the learner to support personalised learning. smart learning is a learning system that provides advising learners to learn in the real world. to sum up, the goal of a smart learning environment is to provide self-learning, self-motivated and personalised services. the inclusion of smart learning environments in educational contexts increases complexity and education professionals need to introduce innovative uses and new pedagogical approaches. deep learning tasks re-structure learning activities from a singular focus on content mastery to the explicit development of students’ capacities to learn, create and proactively implement their learning. the authors consider that the potential for smart learning depends on the design of the learning environment and it is important to design the ecosystems of learning using participatory processes.

in the design of smart learning environments, it is necessary to take into account that the user will interact with heterogeneous devices that must be successfully integrated and interconnected. it is vital to identify the main challenges in the design of learning environments that make use of learning analytics to foster reflection. there is a need to rethink how learning indicators are selected and to what extent they contribute to conceiving learning as a process instead of in terms of outcomes. in the meantime, it is worth investigating the effects of smart learning environments on the learning performance and perceptions of students with different learning styles, cognitive styles, or other personal characteristics. chew, evolution is not enough: revolutionizing current learning environments to smart learning environments. in proceedings of the 3rd workshop on awareness and reflection in technology-enhanced learning, ed. joo, effects of flipped classroom based on smart learning on self-directed and collaborative learning. her research is centred on the use of ict to support learning, learning design, game-based learning as well as innovation.

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