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the categories of young people who need vocational skills interventions are those in both the formal and the informal sectors. the creative abilities and livelihood skills of young people also remain low because of limited exposure to skills development opportunities and lagging behind in information communication technology. to empower both in and out of school youths with vocational skills and keeping them out of current dangers (hiv/aids, early pregnancy etc), breaking the york of vulnerability and become responsible citizens in uganda.

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monitoring activities will be conducted to ensure harmonious coordination of the project, its operation and proper implementation. much focus will be put on those with in and out of schools as this brings closer all the young people categories into our sustainable skills web. the project coordinator will be responsible for day today administration and coordination of project activities and will be reporting to the over seer and the steering committee. the project will be implemented in local areas of the project interests; beneficiaries of the project will be approximately as follows: – the training of community resource owned persons and volunteers will aid project replication and transfer of knowledge through the existing church structures and thus the number of beneficiaries will scale higher in long run.

in the span of [x] years, i’ve provided my students with the resources and knowledge necessary to work in the [x] industry.the following proposal will cover everything i have to offer your company regarding my course in [x].overall, i believe my course in [x] will be the right fit for your company since it will be able to get your employees the knowledge they require to become much more efficient in their work, ensuring a healthier and more effective work environment. without proper preparation for these issues, they can significantly affect your employees and your clients.while the course contents are better suited for the workers in your [x] department, i’m optimistic they will also benefit other areas and departments within your strengthening your workers’ capacities and promoting teamwork, we can ensure that everyone in your company is better prepared to face the [problem] that the industry is facing of the most remarkable things about this course is that it was designed to be understood easily by anyone.

i won’t use complex terminology that your workers won’t know since i aim to make it as engaging and intuitive as possible.still, i will keep the course contents as resourceful as possible, so they don’t have any problems. the following section will outline how i created my course to fit your company’s standards.each of these components was made with my teaching capabilities in mind.however, we can still negotiate alternatives if you feel like they would be a better fit for your company:course catalog and content: my course focuses on [x] as its primary topic and [x] and [x] as secondary topics. still, i’m sure that, with your workers’ participation during the course, we will be able to expand the information even more.learning outcomes: the aim of this course in [x] is to prepare your workers to face [problem].by having the right tools and resources to work with, they will be more than ready to tackle any unforeseen issues within the company with patience, efficiency, and transparency.